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A Bright Future For GreenEarth

As a new member to the GreenEarth team, it’s still quite exciting to think about the fact that I work for one of the most successful environmental leaders in this industry. As we all know, dry cleaning hasn’t necessarily always had the reputation of being good for the environment, so I’m proud to be a part of a company that is pioneering the way toward sustainable garment after care and a healthier planet as a whole.

As an employee working out of Toronto, one of my favorite memories would have to be when we hosted an Affiliate Workshop up North! Not only did it strengthen connections but it was exciting to hear about all the ways that we provide an amazing service while focusing on having a positive impact on the environment.

My first experience within the GreenEarth Network at the 2018 Fall Affiliate Workshop in Toronto, Canada really displayed the collaboration that is integral to being a part of the GreenEarth Family.